This is the first of my interviews with wedding suppliers who cover the Somerset, Dorset, and Devon areas. These posts will provide anyone looking to book suppliers with insights into the products and services of people who work in the South West. It is not about me selling their services or products. I don’t do sponsored posts, I just want to provide more information to help your wedding be the wedding you dream of. In the coming months, I will write about venues, cake makers, dress suppliers, bunting makers and everything in between. 
For this post, I met with Roger Knight a Celebrant based in Somerset, a man who has been involved in the wedding industry for over 30 years. His current business, The Wedding Guy, is much more than the services of a celebrant. He is a Toastmaster, a Celebrant, and a Wedding DJ. H. He is often called upon by couples to help them put their finer details into action on their wedding day.
The one thing that I kept writing in my notebook was the number of times that Roger made reference to caring about the couples who book him. Whether he is hired as a traditional toastmaster or a Celebrant, he talks about wanting to make sure the day runs smoothly. We all know that arranging a wedding is stressful and this is something Roger is all too aware of. He is confident and knowledgable about the industry as a whole. He is committed to making sure you don't feel like you can't enjoy your day. 
Roger has been a wedding DJ for 30 years and knows this side of his business inside out. He is a member of the National Association of DJs and attends their national conference each year. He has many different types of set up. He has a VW Campervan cut out and even a Harry Potter library style where he is a ghost in a mirror. 
He trained to be a Toastmaster in Essex and is also a member of the English Toastmaster Association. If tradition is big on your list for the style of wedding you have, then I would recommend you look into the role of Toastmaster. Roger will make sure your day runs completely to plan. From making sure your groomsmen do not get carried away with the liquid beverages to ensuring that people with physical mobility issues are considered with the photography, his one aim of the day is to make sure your wedding runs completely smoothly. 
I asked him what the difference between him and the staff member provided by the venue is. He explained that usually, the staff member is the manager who has to make sure the venue runs smoothly. Now if there was an accident in the kitchen, the manager's priority would be getting someone to replace the injured person. Now if this happens, who is then making sure that the day is running to plan?? This was a very good point. Roger, as the Toastmaster, would be aware of this but suggest the photographer take a few more photos or get everyone sitting and then keep them entertained (a skill he has no doubt learnt from his DJing times). Then nobody attending the wedding would be aware that there has potentially been a significant event. 
Something that makes Roger completely unique is his registration as a Celebrant. This means that he can, if asked to do so, perform all aspects of your wedding day from the important official marriage to the people management role of Toastmaster. Then he can take up his position as entertainer behind his DJ equipment. While he can do all of these parts of your wedding, he stresses that he doesn't have to and can be completely flexible to meet the needs of people who book him. 
As an advocate for equality and love not being limited to any particular sex or gender combination, it was really nice to hear Roger sharing the same views. He said that he would provide exactly the same level of service to everyone who books him regardless of the sex, gender or identity of the persons committing their lives to each other. 
Roger covers the Somerset area mainly and tells me that he is proudly independent of any venue. He says that this enables him to focus on the bride and groom booking his services rather than keeping his employer happy. If you would like to talk to Roger about your wedding then he can be found either through his website or Facebook Page 

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