Picture the scene, you have planned your big day and everything has gone to plan. You are now married and ready to spend the rest of your life with your love. The weather has been kind and there have been no arguments. Two families joined together enjoying the free wine and being jolly. Your photographer tells you it is time to cut the cake and have the first dance. Then all of a sudden the nerves hit again. The. First. Dance!! As if walking down the aisle with everyone watching wasn’t nerve wrecking enough, there are now even more people watching with many having sunk a few drinks over the course of the day. 
If you are like me then the very thought of dancing alone is enough to stop you in your tracks let alone dancing in front of 100 people. Now unless it is dancing on tables after more than a few glasses of fizz then this sort of dance needs some thought. After all, I think dancing on tables is more for the end of the night rather than the start. 

So how do you pick your first dance song? As a Wedding Photographer I have seen countless first dances and I have to say there are some staple first dance songs but the ones that stand out are ones that have a special meaning to the couple. And I think this is the important thing to remember, this is your first dance song. If you have a love for Elton John then choose one of his that mean something to you. If are really into Australian Indie Folk band Hollow Coves (one of my personal favourites is Coastline) then make sure your entertainment can play this for you. That’s the joy of the first dance, you can have whatever song you like. Hey there is nothing stopping you from going all out and having a choreographed section of dance just like this groomsman:
I think the best advice for the actual dance is to just relax and enjoy it. In my experience there is very little dancing more than a shuffle. You get another 3mins to talk to each other, tell each other how amazing you feel and savour the moment. This is one of the happiest days of your life. And if all else fails, just have a 3min kiss. 
And finally, if you have the connections and the budget, you could always go all out and get the actual artist to come and play for you in person. 
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