So you have said yes and are have celebrated with your friends and family. Some people will have been planning their wedding since they were little. While for others, this may not be your first wedding. Either way, what you will want is a day that you feel happy with. You want to be able to say "that was amazing". Then you go back to work answering emails, going to meetings, juggling the daily pressures of a stressful career with family life.
Planning a wedding can be hard work. There are so many things to remember and don't forget everyone from aunt betty to the very helpful assistant in the dentist will have their own take on what YOU MUST HAVE at your wedding. Well thankfully, there are ways you can make planning your wedding a little easier.
There is no hiding from it, the internet has been a godsend for so many things. Whether you are searching through the Guardian website for the latest news on how poverty is impacting the mental health of mothers or searching for funny animal videos on a Friday night after a busy week in work with a Gin in one hand.
Thankfully, it can also be a source of inspiration for planning your wedding. Type into google (whatever happened to Jeeves??!!) "UK Wedding Blog" and you will find thousands of offerings. Well to help you on your journey I have selected 5 different style of wedding blog to give you a bit of a start in your quest to find all those little moments of inspiration that will make your day one to remember.
The first blog has to be the Rock My Wedding (RMW) site. This site is  great for ideas and inspiration. They feature loads of real weddings and even have a wedding directory. The team at RMW have created a true giant in the wedding blog sphere that are regularly cited as being up there as the best in the business.
Then we have the team at So Your Getting Married. In their own words they are the blog that gives you a daily dose of pretty things from around the wedding world.  Now what I particularly love about this site is their honeymoon section. If you are like me, planning your next adventure is always a nourishing activity (until I remember I'm not 20 anymore but let's not dwell on that. Afterall, you are planning a wedding!).
Now what is arguably one of the best things about planning a wedding, is planning the Hen Do. Are you going to delegate this to your chief bridesmaid or do you want some input to how you will celebrate? The team at Go Hen are not only focussed on bringing great well written information about wedding days but also how to celebrate your Hen Do in style. It has to be worth a read with a cuppa. Don't forget to send the link to your girlfriends.
The next offering is an award winning blog which is informative and full of great articles. Boho Weddings was created by Kelly Hood who not only writes the blog but is also a wedding planner too!! I want to know how she has time for both and so will you when you have a look through her amazing content! What I love about this is the calendar feature which lists all sorts of wedding related events. Excellent for a bit of planning on a Sunday night.
Finally, for those of you who are not planning a tradition wedding, there is Rock n Roll Bride  A resource for all things alternative. One of the recent stories and features comes from a tattoo artists scull themed wedding. So if you are wanting to go against convention and need some ideas, check this site out. Afterall, it is your day and you really should be able to have it how you want it.
There you go, 5 different sites, each of them offering something different. The only thing left to do is put the kettle on and make yourself a brew. Happy planning.

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