New Years Resolutions for a Somerset Photographer 
Christmas and the New Year can be a wonderful time. Children playing with their presents, the magic of Father Christmas and all of that fabulous food. But is can also be a difficult time thinking about those special people who are no longer with us. One of the lovely things about photography is that it can help to keep the memory of the people we love who are no longer with us alive. I know looking through my own photos of my grandparents helps me remember the lessons they taught me.
This year has been a difficult year for me personally, and that has influenced my New Years Resolutions. I am going to attempt to be more grateful for what I have, and openly appreciate the good things in life. I have used a fantastic free meditation app for about 12 months but haven’t been as consistent as I would like. The app is called Insight Timer and is available on both Apple and Android devices. If you have made a similar resolution, or indeed already practice meditation you may just like this App. 
From a photography perspective, I have had a great year. I have been part of some gorgeous weddings. Indeed, I don’t think that there could be a better place to be a wedding photographer than in the South West of England, in particular, Somerset. There are so many gorgeous venues. Actually, in 2019 I am going to be highlighting some of the wonderful venues we have in this beautiful part of the world. One of these venues will be the Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House
Then there have been the family photo shoots. These are so much fun and a real highlight of my year. Being able to craft situations that allow me to document the loving bond between the family members makes me so happy. I know that I am capturing precious moments in time that will become memories that last an eternity. One of my favourite family shoots was for a fellow photographer, Tessa Chapman. It was also the most nerve wrecking shoot I have done to date as she is so talented and has taught me so much over the last few years. Well the light was amazing and her children were being their usual energetic selves. Here is a selection of images from her shoot.
If the festive season has made you realise that your family are growing up too fast, or if you have been proposed to you and you are now planning your wedding, get in touch because I can help. ​​​​​​​

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